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TIgnatz & De Stecervede Honden

  Happiness is Overrated   Delicia, Lados B   III-II   11 Years After

(Ultra Eczema, LP)

  (Ultra Eczema, LP)   (Volante Discos, CS)   (Ultra Eczema, LP)   (Teenage Boys, LP)
$14.000   $14.000   $4.000   $14.000   $14.000
Catálogo al 29 de abril de 2015
Artista Titulo Sello Formato Precio de Venta
1-800-Band Diver Blue Almost Ready LP $12,000
A Full Cosmic Sound Corpus Christi Massacre Volante Discos CS $4,000
Adrian Mateo Boudet Paisajes Interiores Volante Discos CS $4,000
Al Cisneros Ark Prossession Drag City 10" $8,000
Alastair Galbraith Cry M.I.E. Music LP $15,000
Alex Bleecker and The Freaks S/T Underwater Peoples LP $13,000
Alice Coltrane A Monastic Trio Superior Viaduct LP $14,000
Amanda X Amnesia Siltbreeze LP $14,500
Angus MacLise New York Electronic, 1965 Sub Rosa LP $15,000
Axemen Big Cheap Motel Siltbreeze LP $14,500
Bestiary S/T Hairy Spider Leg CS $4,500
Bibs, The Waiting for Alex All Gone CS $3,000
Bill Direen & The Hat NYC 1989 Unwucht LP $13,500
Bird Nest Roys We wabt ne get me need me have me love Flying Nun / Captured Tracks 2LP $22,000
Bitchin Bajas S/T Drag City 2LP $18,000
Blind Lemon Jefferson Vol. 1 Rhino LP $13,000
Bobby Valentine Bad Breath Fania LP $13,000
Bow Ribbons S/T Hueso Records LP $11,000
Brass Rockers Bunny Lee & King Tubby presents Tommy McCook and The Aggravators Jamaican Recordings LP $13,000
Briggite Fontaine S/T Superior Viaduct LP $14,000
Bunny Lee & King Tubby Presents Tommy McCook and the Aggravators Jamaican Recordings LP $13,000
Cave Pure Moods Drag City 12" $8,500
Charlie Twiddle The Midnite Plowboy Mighty Mouth Music LP $12,000
Chemicals, The Out of my miind / Run and Hide Meanbean 7" $6,000
Cherry Blossoms Live in Amsterdam Hairy Spider Legs LP $12,000
Cheveu Cheveau Permanent LP $11,000
Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt The Raw and the Cooked Palilalia LP $12,000
Clean, The Vehicle Flying Nun / Captured Tracks 2LP $22,000
Constant Mongrel Heavy Breathing Siltbreeze LP $13,000
Corners Maxed Out on Distractions Volante Discos CS $4,000
Cro Magnon S/t Bruit Direct Disques 7" $6,000
Crystal Stilts S/T Volante Discos CS $4,000
Dan Melchior Happiness is overrated Ultra Eczema LP $14,000
Dead Gum K-Hole as in Kellogg's All Gone CS $4,000
Dead Moon Trash & Burn Mississippi LP $13,000
Dead Skeletons Dead Magic Dead Crang CS $4,000
Dejalo Sangrar Volumen 1. Habach/Polanco/Robles No Label LP + CD $10,000
Destruction Unit Deep Trip Sacred Bones LP $13,000
Drunk Elk Oceanus Procellarum Wormwood Grasshopper LP $16,000
DSR Lines III-II Ultra Eczema LP $14,000
Dynamite Hemorrhage Issue #2 RV $5,000
Eggclub Mabel No Problema Tapes CS $4,000
El Diablo es un magnifico S/T Volante Discos CS $4,000
Elli and Ben Might Not Look Like It To You Albert's Basement / Quemada 12" $12,000
False Sir Nicholas Myriad Tongues Revolucion 33 LP $13,000
Friend Share the Joy All Gone CS $3,000
Frightening Lights, The S/T Bruit Direct Disques LP $14,000
Ganjas, The Comes from the Sun Volante Discos CS $4,000
Ganjas, The Early Demos ETCS CS $4,000
Gary Higgins Seconds Drag City LP $11,000
German Measles Wild E.P, Captured Tracks 12" $8,000
Greymouth As you Do All Gone CS $3,000
Group Ongaku The Music of Group Ongaku SEER Sound Archive LP $12,000
Gyedu-Blay Ambolley Simigwa Academy LP $12,000
Hablan Por La Espalda Macumba BYM 2LP $18,000
Hammering The Cramps S/T Wormwood Grasshopper LP $16,000
Harry Pussy One plus One Palilalia 2LP $15,000
Helm Impasse New Images LP $13,000
Help Zhan All Gone CS $3,000
Henry Flynt Graduation Superior Viaduct 2LP $18,000
Home Blitz Frozen Track Mexican Summer 12" $10,000
Huacho S/T Tune Less CS $4,000
Ignatz & De Stecervede Honden Teenage Boys Ultra Eczema LP $14,000
Impalers, The BBC Sessions 540 LP $12,000
Jack Ruby S/T Feeding Tube LP $14,000
Jackpot Dub Rare Dubs from Jackpot Records 1974 - 1976 Jamaican Recordings LP $13,000
Jesus Freaks S/T ETCS CS $4,000
John Cage Early Electronic and Tape Music Sub Rosa LP $13,000
Johnny Noise The Day is coming Siltbreeze LP $13,000
KB Cabala Safe ETCS CS $4,000
Kill West S/T Volante Discos CS $4,000
King Tubby Dub Mix Up: Rare Dubs 1975 - 1979 Jamaican Recordings LP $13,000
King Tubby The Roots of Dub Clocktower LP $13,000
King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown Clocktower LP $13,000
La Banda's 90's Tapes ETCS CS $4,000
La Hell Gang Thru me Again Mexican Summer LP $13,000
La Hell Gang Thru me Again Crang CS $4,000
Las Kellies Dubby Exposure Crang 12" $10,000
Las Liebres Reverberaciones Volante Discos CS $4,000
Laughing Eye Weeping Eye Beeway Hairy Spider Legs LP $12,000
Laughing Eye Weeping Eye Where Snakes & Seers Go Hairy Spider Legs LP $12,000
Lee Perry At Wirl Records Jamaican Recordings LP $13,000
Letha Rodman-Melchior Handbook for Mortals Siltbreeze LP $13,000
Live fast Die Hit Stains Almost Ready LP $12,000
Los Cocaleros S/T Volante Discos CS $4,000
Los Pencales Pencalero Volante Discos CS $4,000
Maestro H1M1 Hueso Records LP $11,000
Mantles, The Pink Information Mexican Summer 12" $10,000
Mark Feehan MF Siltbreeze LP $12,000
Mark McGuire The Instinct Underwater Peoples 12" $11,000
Mattin Exquisite Corpse Azul Discografica LP $12,000
Mattin Songbook #5 LP $10,000
Merchandise S/T 540 LP $13,000
Michael Yonkers Michael Lee Yonkers Galactic Zoo / Drag City LP $13,000
Mike Rep and Friends Darby Creek Drifter 540 LP $13,000
Minks Tides End Captured Tracks LP $13,500
Modra The Line for Men's Room Savage Quality Recordings LP $11,000
Monochrome Set, The Super Plastic City Unwucht LP $14,000
Moon Duo Circles Crang CS $4,000
Motorhead No Sleep til Hammersmith Sony LP $14,000
Muura S/T Wormwood Grasshopper LP $16,000
Nairobi Wax BYM LP $13,000
Nairobi Wax Crang CS $4,000
Nairobi Wet Crang CS $4,000
Nairobi meets Mad Professor Wu Wei Crang CS $4,000
Nathan Bowles & Scott Verrastro Polar Satellites M.I.E. Music LP $14,500
Normals, The So Sad So Bad Last Laugh LP $12,000
Nueva Costa Costa Brava EP Volante Discos CS $4,000
Nueva Costa Delicia, Lados B Volante Discos CS $4,000
O+YN / False Sir Nicholas Split ETCS CS $4,000
O+Yn / The Failed Nasa Experiment Split Slow Sand the Highs CS $4,000
Orbless Spinning Liquid Mirror Fabrica Discos CS $4,000
Oren Ambarchi, Stephen O'Malley, Randall Dunn Shade Themes from Kairos Drag City 2LP $16,000
Perrosky Tostado Algo Records LP $12,000
Pip Proud Adrenaline & Richard Superior Viaduct LP $14,000
Psychedelic Horseshit Shitgaze Anthems Woodsist 12" $8,000
Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane Volante Discos CS $4,000
Quilt Boy You and Your baby Need Food All Gone CS $4,500
Radio Nudism S/T Music City CS $5,000
Rakta S/T 540 LP $13,000
Rambutan Inverted Summer Fabrica LP $9,000
Red Mass S/T Florida's Dying LP $11,000
Regler Regles #1 / Regler 2 8mm LP $13,000
Richard Youngs Amaranthine Mie Music LP $15,500
Richard Youngs Core to the Brave Roots Strata LP $15,000
Ritchie Venus & L Stevie McCabe My Precious Thing 4 Track E.P. Unwucht 12" $12,500
Robert Scott The Creeping Unknown Unwucht LP + 12" $18,000
Robert Turman Macro Fabrica Discos CS $4,000
Sam Hamilton Integrofilia Creative NZ LP $10,000
Secret Valley The Glisten E.P. Albert's Basement 12" $15,000
Shoes This High Straight to Hell Siltbreeze LP $13,000
Sigtryggur Berg Simarsson & BJ Nilsen Avantgardegasse Ultra Eczema LP $14,000
Sky Needle Debased Shapes Bruit Direct Disques LP $14,000
Sore Eros Know Touching shdwply LP $11,000
Sore Eros & Kurt Vile Jamaica Plain Care in the Community 10" $10,000
Source Family, The Music from the Original Motion Soundtrack Drag City LP $12,000
Special Cases S/T ETCS CS $40,000
Steel Pole Bath Tub Unlistenable Permanent LP $11,000
Strange Stains Anti-Aging Formula All Gone CS $4,000
Sun Ra and His Afro-Infinity Orchestra Continuation Saturn Research LP $12,000
Sun-Ra and His Afro Inifinity Arkestra My Brother the Wind Saturn Research LP $13,000
Super Vacations, The Thicker Milk shdwply LP $11,000
Tapper Zukie The Man from Bozrah Kingston Sounds LP $13,000
Throbbing Gristle The Second Annual Report Industrial Records LP $15,000
Times New Viking Over & Over Siltbreeze 12" $11,000
Toxina Records Grandes Exitos Volante Discos CS $4,000
Tsunamis S/T BYM LP $13,000
Tyvek S/T Siltbreeze LP $12,000
Var No One dances quite like my Brothers Sacred Bones LP $13,000
Varios Artistas Extraordinarios Sonidos Volante Discos CS $4,000
Varios Artistas Las Hijas de Israel / Nunca Nadie Nada Volante Discos CS $4,000
Venom P. Stinger Meet my Friend Venom Drag City LP $12,000
Venom P. Stynger Waiting Room Drag City 12" $10,000
Victor Dimisch Band S/T Siltbreeze LP $13,000
Watchout! Flashbacker Permanent/BYM LP $13,000
Wet Hair Spill De Stijl LP $12,000
Wipers, The Nome Noma Meanbean 7" $6,000
Wonderfuls Only Shadows Now Bruit Direct Disques LP $14,000
Wooden Shjips We ask you to ride Volante Discos CS $4,000
World, The 12" Mini LP Unwucht 12" $11,000
Wymond Miles Cut Yourself Free Sacred Bones LP $13,000
Yajaira Sonidos Ocultos ETCS CS $4,000
Yajaira Lento y Real BYM LP $16,000